GoDaddy's Terrible Customer Care Policy

I get an email telling me it's time to renew my .us domain name registration. The price is $19.99 for one year. That's pretty expensive for even a .com.

So I call them up and ask why it's so expensive, considering registering the thing was something like $3 at the time. He offers me a "discount" to $7.99. You know that the email price is just to prey on the push-overs if they're willing to drop 60% just for questioning it.

But look at the front page of GoDaddy (in my browser at the time of the phone call), and you can click to this offering: (screenshot taken July 6th, 2009).

You can get a BRAND NEW .us domain name for only $4.99 a year. Yet my registration is already in their system and they want $7.99 a year. I tell him "You know what this tells me? That you value new people that come across your website more than you value your existing customers." He responds that this is the price. I ask "Well explain to me how it is that an existing customer who just want RENEWAL can be charged more than a non-customer who wants a NEW registration... surely a renewal can't cost more than a registration, can it? How does this make sense?". He responds again that this is a price, and refuses my offer to renew for three years if HE WOULD JUST GIVE ME THE SAME PRICE AS NEW CUSTOMERS.

So just out of principle now, (even though it will cost me more time and money), I must transfer this name elsewhere.

Good thinking, GoDaddy!

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