HappyTown's CrackME_0026

[difficulty: 3][protection: ECDSA]

The moderator comments revealed that it did some type of ECC, so I had to try it in continuation of my elliptic journey. Fortunately, it implements ECDSA just like WiteG #10. But in this crackme, you have to actually forge a signature for a message generated from your user name (actually it is bignum(sha1(user)) just like the previous crackme!).

Of course ECDSA would be useless if forgery were possible without knowing the private key. I enlisted Mr. Haandi's ECDLP Solver v0.2a to find the discrete log (just the scalar k so that k * G = public key). The crackme uses extremely small parameters for its curve, so the solver finished in about 1/5th of a second.

From there it's just calculation...

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